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  • Developing understanding,
    knowledge and ability through
    sharing experiences about
    mental health
  • Support our work to develop understanding,
    grow cultural competence, and enable individuals
    to grow their own abilities
    Make A
  • How to help
    our work
    Our crafts support independent
    Ugandan craftspeople

We are commited to continued learning through sharing

We recognise the value in lived experience and the power of sharing with others

Sharing stories can have a positive impact for many people

Our approach to collaboration and inclusivity

People who access services

We want individuals who access services to gain a direct benefit from our work and share their learning with others.


Supporting families means understanding their unique difficulties and working with them to get the best outcomes as a group.


We work with communities to enhance understanding and develop informal support mechanisms.

Professionals and services

To ensure long term improvements, we need to ensure that professionals understand the experiences of the people they work with.

Join Us

Sharing Stories welcomes any experts by experience, professionals, decision makers and other supporters of our aims and values into our team. Although our team is split between Uganda and the UK, we meet regularly using technology and make collaborative decisions about our work. Please do get in touch if you want to find out more.

What people Say

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