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Living with mental illness in Uganda
This film shows a dramatised depiction of some responses to a person experiencing mental health difficulties in Uganda and the challenges that they can face.
Sharing Stories at 'Beyond the Therapy Room' conference
On the 12th of June, the Sharing Stories Venture hosted a stall at the 'Beyond the Therapy Room' conference in London. The conference was aimed at exploring the impact that Clinical Psychology can have beyond individual therapeutic work.
Sharing Stories with the Global Health Exchange
We were delighted to be asked to talk at the Global Health Exchange (GHE) event in Manchester, UK, on Monday 8th June. It focussed on Building Education Capacity.
Sharing Stories of Recovery in Uganda
The Sharing Stories Venture was honoured to be invited to undertake a series of listening events in Uganda during February 2015 to explore the understanding of recovery in a Ugandan context. The process and learning are documented here.
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