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OddArts highlight our collaboration

In 2016 we joined with the charity Odd Arts to help develop a piece of theatre about stigma and mental health. This happened in Manchester and involved some of our Ugandan and UK members. In 2018 we worked again with Odd Arts to produce a theatre piece in Uganda with the same focus. We are delighted that in recent celebrations of Forum theatre, a technique designed to tackle oppression, Becky, the CEO of Odd Arts chose these joint endeavours as her favourite piece of work over recent years. Take a peek!

Recently published papers

Our members have been busy and over the last few months have seen two papers published in academic journals.

Eddie Nkurunungi was one of the authors of a protocol paper entitled 'Peer support for frequent users of inpatient mental health care in Uganda: protocol of a quasi-experimental study'. This paper describes the protocol of a study evaluating the impact of peer support work in reducing readmissions among frequent users of psychiatric inpatient care in Uganda.

Using Forum Theatre to tackle mental health stigma in Uganda
What happens when you spend 3 days with a diverse group of people who have experience of the impact of mental health in Uganda and then ask them to stage a production in the national theatre with just a few hours of practice?
The benefits of our work for qualified clinical psychologists

Our work often includes clinical psychologists from both Uganda and the UK. However, their involvement is as much about them learning as it is for everyone else involved. Will and Jo talk about what they have gained from being members of Sharing Stories as qualified clinical psychologists.

The huge value of trainee clinical psychologists in our work

We were recently providing an introduction to our work to encourage Lancaster University trainee clinical psychologists to get involved in our collaborative work on mental health in Uganda and the UK. This great video of Eddie and Kim gives an introduction to the value of having trainees involved!

Sharing Stories and Odd Arts; reflections on 2018
Back in 2016, Sharing Stories joined forces with Odd Arts to pilot a Forum Theatre project in Manchester and Liverpool. After the success of these events, we spent the next two years working hard to secure grants, fundraise, plan, and organise a Forum Theatre project in Uganda. This took place in July 2018.